Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Next race!

Just got an email officially confirming my registration for this race!
Rock 'n' Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon 2011 here I come!!

Links I love

For thinking, for making, for eating, for playing and for challenging myself this week. Enjoy!

I want to make these. Yum!!

I think my sweeties would love to make these and eat them too.

I'm not very crafty but I think it would be fun to make this for someone.

I love holiday traditions and am trying to build more into our family throughout the year. Here's an interesting article on building a family culture.

My girls and I could watch this over and over again....

Wouldn't these be fun to make?

These are a cute project for kids. I know Talia would love to make them!

I want to make this!

I've read this article several times to encourage myself on not pushing too many academics too soon. It's a good one.

A good read on teaching preschoolers at home.

I really want to read this book.

I'm loving this song & this one right now. I love it when they come up on my running playlist while I work out. I love how the Lord can use music to minister to our hearts and comfort us in our struggles. He is so good!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Multitude Monday 1000 gifts (11-50)

Continuing to keep things in perspective and cultivating a thankful heart. See this post for details.

0011 Winter break

0012 Playing legos by the fire

0013 Still smiling after a weekend away with my husband

0014 Sleeping in

0015 Sharing drinks and hamburgers with Kyle @ happy hour

0016 Good discussions with great friends

0017 Friends who pray for me

0018 Sisters in Christ

0019 Time to be creative

0020 New slippers

0021 My in-laws

0022 Hearing all about my sweet girls time with their Grandparents

0023 Barbara's shredded oats (yum!)

0024 Counting down to Christmas

0025 White twinkle lights

0026 Rediscovering old books

0027 Netflix :)

0028 Wrapping presents

0029 Green monster smoothies

0030 Good PT reports

0031 Receiving Christmas cards in the mail

0032 Clean floors if only for a few minutes

0033 Rainy days at home

0034 Celebrating 10 years together

0035 His Grace is sufficient

0036 Hearing my daughters pray

0037 Catching up with old friends

0038 Carmel hot chocolate with sprinkles

0039 Walking the Loop

0040 Pike Place Market decaf cinnamon tea

0041 My identity in Christ

0042 Homeschooling

0043 Free shipping

0044 God & sinners reconciled

0045 Candy canes

0046 Quiet afternoons

0047 Dressing up in a new dress

0048 Maple old fashioned doughnuts

0049 Seat warmers in the van

0050 Staying home with my children

Knowing You

Knowing You, Jesus,
knowing You,
there is no greater thing,
You're my all,
You're the best,
You're my joy, my righteousness,
and I love you, Lord.
Graham Kendrick

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spirit of the Marathon

I just added Spirit of the Marathon to our Netflix cue after reading about it on a running blog. I can't wait to watch it!! Even if I'm not running right now as I continue physical therapy I know I will enjoy watching other runners talk about training, why they run and how running affects their lives.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On Tantrums and such

They're cute aren't they? They are two of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. My Talia and Liliana. They are kind and helpful. They are smart and curious. They are thoughtful and creative. They also challenge me to no end. Today was a hard day being their Mama. Don't get me wrong. I love being a Mom but it can be at times very challenging and very refining. Today was filled with whining, arguing, dragging of feet to finish chores and work, not sharing, not napping, not listening....and it goes on and on. There were some sweet moments but at the end of the day I feel exhausted and a bit defeated.
My youngest Liliana has been going through a very independent, strong willed, and stubborn phase which I would imagine many would suggest is simply a case of the "terrible twos". I see it as much more than that. Liliana is testing boundaries and trying hard to gain her own independence that is true. However I feel like I have also been given a glimpse into her own sinful nature. When I give instructions for her to obey she disobeys. When I tell her to clean up she whines. Basically you name the task and she wants to do it her way and if she can't she cries and tells me a sharp "No!". As I work through teaching her first time obedience God has shown me the ugliness of my own sad and sinful heart. While I often like to hide behind the illusion that my life including my parenting is perfect the truth of the matter is I struggle and I'm a sinner. The beautiful news is that I'm not going through this life alone! While God continues to gently show me the real state of my heart, He is also patiently showing me that He is there right next to me. You see I am often like my two year old...whining, disobeying, tantruming because I want what I want when I want it. I don't want to wait for God's timing, I don't want to allow Him to have control, I want to plan and do things my own way. How many times do I tell God "No!". Sadly far too many.....The more that I am a parent the more I see my own sin and the more I see my own need to be on my knees asking the Lord for help, encouragement, and His wisdom.
As I parent these two beautiful girls that the Lord has so graciously entrusted to me I pray that the Lord would change me. I pray that He would make me more like Him and less like me. I'm praying that through the tantrums He would give me His heart for my children, His patience, His love, and His grace.
Thankful that tomorrow is a new day!

1000 Gifts (1-10)

Welcome to Multitude Monday hosted by A Holy Experience. I am on a mission to record 1000 gifts I have. My hope is that God changes my heart as I seek Him and reflect on His goodness and all that He has blessed me with.

0001 His mercy that is new every morning

0002 An afternoon cuddle with my two favorite girls

0003 A moments quiet during naptime

0004 My favorite afternoon snack of apples and peanut butter

0005 New cozy socks....they really are my favorite

0006 Laundry that is clean, folded and put away

0007 Sparkling lights on the Christmas tree

0008 Little girls in princess dresses

0009 The Jesus Story Bible

0010 My husband who works so hard for his family

It's the little things...1000 gifts

Wanting to live more simplicity in a cluttered life.

Wanting to be more thankful and content with what I have right now not what I don't have.

Wanting to keep things into perspective.

Wanting to slow down and not rush through my days, my weeks, my life.

Wanting to be thankful for the little things.

So I am embarking on a journey of thankfulness and contentment. I'm joining the Gratitude Community and praying that I see all that God has blessed me with. He is so good!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Why running to His grace?

When I first thought about starting this blog it was going to be a blog all about my adventures in running, racing and life. It was going to be all about me. I'm thankful that I didn't end up starting that blog but instead God has inspired me to start this blog that hopefully will reflect more about Him than me. I want more and more for my life to be a reflection of the joy that I have from my relationship with my dear sweet Savior. The word GRACE has been my constant companion for the last few years. God has shown me in new ways what that word means and how it is to be included in my life. God's sweet GRACE for me, showing GRACE to others, giving GRACE to myself....oh how far I still have to go. I'm so thankful that I have a God that is patient and loving. But I find hope in the promise that He is not done with me yet. He is a loving God and I am His daughter. He is good and faithful I'm so very thankful! In thinking of a name for this blog I knew that I needed to included His wonderful Grace. I want to be running to His love, His mercy, His grace in my life rather than running to so many other things I put in front of Him. More on unpacking these thoughts as the weeks and months go by. For now I will say that His Grace is sufficient!

First post

I've taken a long hiatus to blogging but thought I would give it another go. Hoping to use this little place to process the day to day areas of my life that need refining, share insights and thoughts, shamelessly brag about my kiddos and post random things as well. Happy blogging!!