Monday, December 20, 2010

Multitude Monday 1000 gifts (11-50)

Continuing to keep things in perspective and cultivating a thankful heart. See this post for details.

0011 Winter break

0012 Playing legos by the fire

0013 Still smiling after a weekend away with my husband

0014 Sleeping in

0015 Sharing drinks and hamburgers with Kyle @ happy hour

0016 Good discussions with great friends

0017 Friends who pray for me

0018 Sisters in Christ

0019 Time to be creative

0020 New slippers

0021 My in-laws

0022 Hearing all about my sweet girls time with their Grandparents

0023 Barbara's shredded oats (yum!)

0024 Counting down to Christmas

0025 White twinkle lights

0026 Rediscovering old books

0027 Netflix :)

0028 Wrapping presents

0029 Green monster smoothies

0030 Good PT reports

0031 Receiving Christmas cards in the mail

0032 Clean floors if only for a few minutes

0033 Rainy days at home

0034 Celebrating 10 years together

0035 His Grace is sufficient

0036 Hearing my daughters pray

0037 Catching up with old friends

0038 Carmel hot chocolate with sprinkles

0039 Walking the Loop

0040 Pike Place Market decaf cinnamon tea

0041 My identity in Christ

0042 Homeschooling

0043 Free shipping

0044 God & sinners reconciled

0045 Candy canes

0046 Quiet afternoons

0047 Dressing up in a new dress

0048 Maple old fashioned doughnuts

0049 Seat warmers in the van

0050 Staying home with my children

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  1. U2me2 on many of these! You are totally making me want to blog!!! Must find the time...