Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Links I love

For thinking, for making, for eating, for playing and for challenging myself this week. Enjoy!

I want to make these. Yum!!

I think my sweeties would love to make these and eat them too.

I'm not very crafty but I think it would be fun to make this for someone.

I love holiday traditions and am trying to build more into our family throughout the year. Here's an interesting article on building a family culture.

My girls and I could watch this over and over again....

Wouldn't these be fun to make?

These are a cute project for kids. I know Talia would love to make them!

I want to make this!

I've read this article several times to encourage myself on not pushing too many academics too soon. It's a good one.

A good read on teaching preschoolers at home.

I really want to read this book.

I'm loving this song & this one right now. I love it when they come up on my running playlist while I work out. I love how the Lord can use music to minister to our hearts and comfort us in our struggles. He is so good!

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